About Us


Maxima Logistics offers tailored logistics solutions for your complete US supply chain. We are a part of a holding company that offers a range of services to shippers and carriers, including permits, insurance, regulation, and factoring solutions.

Who We Are

For the benefit of our clients and carriers, our team has extensive knowledge and experience in freight brokerage. Every day, we take great delight in providing excellent customer service. matching qualified truck drivers with freight to be picked up and dropped off in a secure and timely manner. We assist drivers in adhering to the rules set out by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Every day, our team contacts with customers, giving and receiving precise instructions about the freight, the delivery window, and/or the pickup window.

Through the use of smaller trucks, Maxima Logistics assists our customers with speeding shipments to meet short deadlines, save money, and reduce the amount of lost loads. Our drivers are able to deliver products more quickly than traditional shipping.


The base upon which our beliefs are established and our purpose is defined.



To offer superior transportation and logistics services that are dependable, affordable, and committed to providing excellent service through a solid team of logistic associates.



To be a premier provider of transportation and logistics services, with a focus on providing dependable, innovative, and lasting solutions to all of our clients across the country.


When Maxima Logistics first began operations in 2003, it was aware that numerous client transportation demands were not being satisfied. As a result, we consistently deliver top-notch goods in a secure, effective manner via reliable carriers at a fair price.

Based on more than 20 years of transportation experience, the business has experienced tremendous growth over the past ten years and has successfully served more than 2,400 clients while having access to a seemingly endless supply of vans and reefers.

Since our clientele continue to have faith in our company, we take great pride in having high credit ratings.

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